Where are my posts going?


Hi everyone

Well this is my second blog and whilst my first one was published, and I have no idea where it appeared cause I can’t see that it did, I am pretty doubtful that I have made any headway in mastering WordPress πŸ˜„

Not one like or anything to my first blog 😳 I know I’m not the only one whom this has happened to, as doing a little research on the net brought up a number of similar stories.

I will not give up though and I will post a blog every week, even if it’s only me reading it back after writing it, checking for mistakes.

So this week for me hasn’t been as productive writing my book as it should have been. I only met my quota on two days. I don’t write on weekends so I have set myself a quota of 1000 words each day (Monday through to Friday).

I don’t really know if this is right or wrong but as I mentioned previously, I am a novice to all this.

I am hoping to be in a position to publish / self publish, whatever I decide to do with it in December.

That’s my goal πŸ˜„

I truly would love to interact with you. 

If I get no “likes” again this week, next week’s blog will be entitled “I’m begging” πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and keep smiling.



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